The change into the summer season is showing both

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-25
It is likely that you have started to notice how these days you tend to turn to brighter shades and that the decorative accessories are changing their tone: pillowcases, couch upholstery, curtains, rugs and carpets are put away or changed for lighter fabrics during the months of summer. To maintain them in the best possible state for next year it is essential to clean and store them with care, follow these simple tips and your fabrics will be nice and warm to cuddle you next winter. The first thing you need to do is deep clean your curtains, carpets and all the fabrics you are planning on storing for several months. As you know, the process of cleaning each of these items changes depending on the material of which they are made, the colors, the use you have made of them etc. In general most curtains are relatively easier to clean and iron: some can be washed in the washing machine and steam ironed, while others mostly for their sizes are better treated at the dry cleaner's. Rugs are a whole other world. If you have complied with all the regular maintenance operations that are needed during the season to maintain the rugs in their best shapes the last cleaning before storing them in the closet should not be much trouble, but if you have neglected its care, it is time to get to the job and do it. As for cleaning carpets and upholstery, there are two essential rules for the maintenance of your rugs: discipline and care. Most often both Persian and wool rugs should be regularly vacuum cleaned (never hit!) at medium speed on both sides and avoiding the fringe that could tear away. In the event something should fall on your carpet, try to intervene as fast as possible with a clean cloth wet with a solution of cold water, a spoon of shampoo and half a spoon of vinegar. Since not all fabrics can be cleaned with specific carpet detergents it is always best to first try with a more gentle soap, but if the stain just will not go away, try the rug detergent on a relatively hidden sport first to test its effect on both the colors and the texture of the rug. Even if you do not notice any particular change in the fabric, try not to rub the product when applying it to the surface you are trying to clean. Let both sides of the rug dry before storing it in the closet or garage in order to avoid mold. If these solutions for cleaning your rug do not leave you satisfied, the best option is contacting a store specialized in selling rugs: many of them offer cleaning services or will at least be able to give you expert advice on how to treat the specific fabric your rug is made of. Once your rug is fresh and clean like you just bought it, roll it, never fold it, and put it in a closed or a storage room free of humidity, inside a vacuum sealed bag in vertical position. Avoid putting any other objects on top of it so that it keeps it shape and no dents are left on the surface. Now go get that bright summer rug, your warm and cozy winter one will be back with you as brand new when the cold comes back!
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