tag heuer\'s smartphone for the feminine businesswoman.

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-03
TAG Heer boldly designed the purple-red Emmy hotel GMT with colored skin on the rear battery cover, further providing exclusive services to women.
The color is louder than the language.
Taihaoya custom engineering communication instrument purple-red Amy (akasmartphone)
Named after it.
Flowers in pink, red, orange and purple, all in black rose.
For everyday wear, the purple-red Emmy Awards are for women businessmen who do not lose their femininity in the male business world.
There is no shy and retired place in Le Meridien hotel;
Its design conveys a strong and clear sound, but it is always afraid to adopt a lighter, brighter, softer, and more complex approach to life.
In sharp contrast to the dark pink tones, the equally polished core body of the stainless steel, the perfect addition to the stylish seasonal cruise line, color game of St. Valentine\'s Day or simple lift in the dark winter.
Fuschia MERIDIIST contains all the technical intelligence and clear communication, in line with eridiist\'s unique internal design, conceived and produced in the Swiss design laboratory that builds the world\'s leading timer.
This time guided by subtle female details.
The main body of Fuschia meridi is constructed in a solid 316 stainless steel, alternating between polishing and satin finishing.
The buttons on the side are polished and all the core parts are fixed with polished stainless steel screws.
The keyboard is also polished 316 stainless steel and requires a three-day process to optimize the material.
The central command button features the inlaid tagheeuer shield, with unique rich details on both sides: agreen, East African Shaffer stone garnet stone, and precious red ruby decorated with the keyboard\'s opposite call button
The jewelry highlights the most important keyboard touch points.
Its face is smart, smooth, smoked sapphire crystal screed with a black Physical deposition coating and a base inlaid with TAG heeuer\'s signature polished steel bar connection.
A little white at the bottom corner adds to its overall impression of the core forces.
Behind the purple water snake battery cover, the stainless steel camera shutter displays the engine-
Rotate concentric circles.
The GMT Standard Time sign is engraved with the time zone of the Brown MERIDIIST \'scapabilities-
The inside features of TAG Heuer are designed for global travelers.
The female details on the TAG heeuer Amy communication tool are not fresh and are a softer, elegant alternative to moresport --
Male models who tend to steal programs.
The first diamond.
The model is definitely the best friend of the girl.
The most magnificent version is inlaid with 1232 bright-cut diamonds, a total of 7.
4 karat, lighter-weight style with a total of 208 diamonds. 3 carats.
Whether it\'s a gorgeous or lighter side, the choice between two exotic skins on the back battery cover enhances the texture and brilliance of the diamond, achieving a different effect.
As a dynamic and charming accessory, the smooth white crocodile is a visual symbol in front of you.
A unique gray and light green python skin was launched in September 2010, completed in gold tones.
When combined with a full set of diamond details, it is a highly refined and authentic decadent sign of detail.
As these rare and refined ultimate partners have lined up, thefusmeridiist has launched a series for women with a fresh attitude, which will be available at the TAG Heuer boutique and select retailers by the end of 2010
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