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Super hard and mass production PVD coating machine

Super hard and mass production PVD coating machine


Application range:

Various metal nitride, ceramic coating and metal coating industries; tools, molds, metal parts and other high quality nano coatings.

vacuum coating machine

Multi-arc ion coating machine

It is used to plate various hard metal films, metal compound films and decorative films on the surface of metals, ceramics, glass and other materials. It has the characteristics of fast pumping speed, stable vacuum, large loading capacity and good coating uniformity. It is widely used in the surface treatment of watches, glasses, information products, knives, molds, hardware, glass, ceramics, building materials and other industries. It is plated with TP imitation gold, TPC, TP shallow gun, TP brown, TP rose, champagne gold, Qianyi The ideal equipment for color film. This machine does not pollute the environment, the coating layer is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. It is an ideal equipment to solve the environmental pollution problem of water electroplating plants, replace the traditional water electroplating gold, and electroplating.

Vacuum coating machine equipment surface treatment coating

Permeable surface treatment coating

The basic principle of permeable surface treatment coating is to use a resin with strong permeability, combined with polar solvent and penetrant to make the coating have good performance and enhance the adhesion of the coating.

Stable surface treatment coating

The basic principle of stable surface treatment coating is mainly based on the active materials in the coating react with the active ingredients in the rust layer. The more active materials used are zinc oxide, zinc phosphate, zinc chromate, barium chromate, organic nitrogen alkali chromium Acid salt, calcium chromate, aluminum tripolyphosphate, some formulas also add sodium nitrite, and some think that the addition of strontium chromate is necessary.

Conversion surface treatment coating

Conversion surface treatment coatings are also called reactive rusty coatings. These coatings do not contain film-forming substances. Because of this, additional primers are needed. If they contain film-forming substances, they are called rust conversion primers.

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