Sunglasses are an epitome of fashion nowadays.

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-31
Aviator Sunglasses Aviator sunglasses were originated in 1965 by Ray- Ban. It is the promising name in this industry. It is also known as Pilot shades. It is a remarkable shade of sunglass. It has a unique shape of oblique tear drop. Its shape somewhat is similar to smoked lens flying sunglasses manufactured by Ray Ban. They were mainly popular among Army and Navy personnel. Don't confuse with the name pilot shape. Pilots don't use to wear this type of sunglasses while flying. The demand for aviator sunglasses catapulted high as many celebrities are using it. So it became popular during 1960s. But significant rise came to notice in 1980s. Popularity of aviator sunglasses touched the sky when General Douglas McArthur came to Philippines during World War II. It became popular among US multitudes when his snaps caught the limelight. Wayfarer Sunglasses Ray ban was holding the fort in manufacturing the Wayfarer sunglasses since 1952. It was very popular in 1950s and 1960s time. They gained popularity because of Audrey Hepburn who wore this design of sunglass in the movie Breakfast. It was one of the best selling designs of the history. It is popular among multitudes as an enduring fashion icon. Later Ray- Ban came up different colors of frames like navy blue, pink, turquoise etc. Polarized Sunglasses Polarized sunglasses are used to reduce the glare from shining surface like water body or metal. They are also widely used by photographers to add deeper contrast to snaps. It finds wide application in neutralizing the glare effect from the shining surface. Driving, waterskiing, fishing, boating, mountain biking, snowboarding etc are some of the most popular spots in which polarized sunglasses are used exclusively. Mirrored Sunglasses It has a reflective optical coating at the outer portion of the lens because of which it appears like a mirror. They are mainly popular among policemen in US and hence also known as cop shades. It was used in the movie The Matrix which catapulted its popularity among multitudes. Goggles Goggles are used to protect eyes from dust particles, chemicals and water. They are mainly used while swimming and snow sports. They are also known as ski goggles in snow sports. It has anti- fog lens. Lens is also scratch resistant and provides full fledged protection from icy particles etc. Cat Eye Sunglasses They are the vintage sunglasses and frames are made up of plastic. Frame angles upward which are quite similar to cat's eye. They were popular during 1950s. Not so popular today that's why considered as a vintage sunglasses.
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