Stericon's pharama Contact Lens Care Solutions

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-23
New State of the Art Manufacturing Facility Total Built up area of the facility is approximately 90,000 sq feet and comprises of three blocks. 1. Office & Quality Control Block 2. Production Block 3. Engineering Block 1. Production Block : The production block comprises Ground + 3 floors and constitutes approximately 60000 sq feet. The ground floor has been earmarked for manufacture and packing of contact lens cleaning solution & presterilized eye / ear / nasal drop preparations , the second floor is basically the Utility area to house the Air Handling Units of the production area , third floor comprises finished goods store and an area to manufacture contact lenses. The third floor is meant for storage of packing materials. The manufacturing facility has been designed keeping unidirectional flow of the material in mind. 2. Office & Quality Control Block : It comprises two floors with office block in the ground floor and the Lab ( both chemical & microbiology )in the first floor . Total built area is 12000 sq ft 3. Engineering Block : It is approximately 6000 sq feet and on the top of the Engineering block , Canteen , Creche and the Wash Area have been designed which is approximately 2000 sq feet. Nature of Construction & Finishes The walls are of masonry construction concrete blocks, smooth plaster finished with filler & Enamel paint. Ceiling is of RCC with smooth plaster finished & enamel painted. In the clean room and all controlled areas, the walls and the ceiling are clean room panels with the ceiling joints and the corners covered to avoid sharp edges thereby eliminating dust accumulation . The flooring in the packing and ware house are of granite and in the clean room and controlled areas of seamless epoxy coating without any joints. Adequate ceiling height is provided in all the specific areas depending on the equipment. All the doors are flush doors with glass panel. The process rooms are equipped with view glass. The floor of the utility area which houses the Air Handling Units for the production area have been given a coating of seamless epoxy to avoid dust accumulation. Polyurethane flooring has been provided in the Engineering block where the Water and Pure Steam systems have been placed.
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