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Start-up method and suggestion of PVD vacuum coating equipment pump

Start-up method and suggestion of PVD vacuum coating equipment pump


Start-up method and suggestion of PVD vacuum coating equipment pump


PVD vacuum coating equipment

The cold wave hits in winter, and some northern users have reported problems such as difficulty in starting the pump. The following are the starting methods and suggestions for the vacuum coating equipment pump for reference.


1. Preparation before starting:


(1) Check the tightness of the belt. You can loosen it before starting. Adjust the bolt after starting and tighten slowly to reduce the starting torque.


(2) Check whether each part is loose, whether the wiring is correct, and whether the rotation direction of the motor meets the requirements of the pump.


(3) Check whether the oil level in the oil tank is about half of the oil mark. Avoid too high or too low oil.


(4) For pumps that have not been working for a long time, check whether the rotation is flexible by rotating the motor by hand or intermittently before starting. Pay attention to the electric interval time to prevent the motor from burning out.


(5) Open the cooling water valve.


(6) If the room temperature is too low in winter, the PVD vacuum coating equipmentshould be manually rotated or the motor should be switched on before starting the pump. Due to the high oil viscosity at low temperature, if it starts suddenly, it will overload the motor and damage the pump parts.


(7) If there is a significant difference between the oil level on the oil tank and the oil level when the pump is stopped, the pump pulley must be rotated to allow the oil in the pump cavity to drain into the oil tank before starting. In the vacuum state, when more oil is stored in the pump cavity, the pump is not allowed to start.


(8) The pump cannot be operated with the exhaust pipe closed. To avoid personal injury caused by excessive pressure.


2. Starting:


For newly purchased or long-term out-of-service pumps, the coupling must be turned several times by hand to verify whether it is stuck or damaged during transportation. Long-term inactive water inlet pipes or newly installed water pipes,


Disconnect the water inlet pipe from the pump, open the water inlet valve, flush the pipeline, and connect it back to the pump after the water outlet is clean. The starting sequence is as follows:


(1) Close the valve on the intake pipe.


(2) Switch on the motor and pay attention to the rotation direction of the pump.


(3) Open the water inlet valve and adjust the water inlet volume and pressure to the specified requirements.


(4) Slowly open the valve on the intake pipe, and the pump is now pumping the system.


(5) When the pump of the vacuum coating machine works under extreme conditions, a strong violent noise occurs due to physical action (cavitation) in the pump, which will not cause great damage to the pump in a short time, and the power consumption is not Will increase, but long-term operation under this condition will cause serious damage to the internal parts of the pump, and sometimes even break the blades and shaft. Therefore, try to avoid long-term operation under extreme conditions.

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