starcoat provides powder coating in singapore

by:ZHENHUA     2020-03-20
Looking for a reliable powder coating company in Singapore, we will help here!
Starcoat is a professional construction paint company based in Singapore.
We have been engaged in the construction paint industry for many years and experienced staff team has many years of experience.
We ensure that our powder coating products have strict qualified procedures and thorough inspections at every stage of production, so as to meet world-class standards.
Our products meet the international specifications set by AAMA2603, AAMA2604 and the last aama2605.
We have been established in Singapore for many years and naturally have many loyal customers.
You can view some of the projects we have completed on our project page.
Singapore starjet Private Limited was established in 2002.
We are engaged in the construction coating industry in Singapore.
We strive to provide our customers with excellent coating service at an attractive price.
Our mission is to provide high value services to meet the various needs of our customers in the construction industry market.
We have gained a foothold in the Singapore market in 2014.
We have also expanded our range of services by providing more value-added paint services to our customers in Singapore.
Some of our value-added services include electrostatic powder coating, ordinary powder coating, wood grain coating (
Also known as Wood looks like a coating)and etc.
To maintain and grow our customer base, Starcoat infuse high-
Technology in our daily work.
Advanced technology and the use of modern equipment enable us to operate efficiently.
We are able to do more work with less manpower, however, we are able to train high quality output.
We also have strict quality control over our customers to ensure that they get the quality of the work they deserve.
Our automation systems can provide you with high quality coating services based on strict compliance with international standards.
Do you know that, based on our years of experience, the speed and distance of the spray gun, the speed of the conveyor belt, and even the room temperature will affect the quality of your construction coating at Starcoat, we are able to strictly abide, and produce high quality results for our customers.
We also provide our customers with assistance in the coating of carbon fluorine compounds.
For our powder coating service, we use weather resistant polyester and PU hot solid powder coating to form a protective layer for building extrusion and panel.
These usually appear in the building of a building\'s door, window or general external facade.
Overall, Starcoat is here to stay and grow with our esteemed clients.
In the next few years, we will strive to be your architectural paint expert in Singapore.
If you need any advice or assistance with electrostatic powder coating, wood grain coating or even any general building coating, please call 6262 6533.
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