starbucks has started charging some customers 5p for a ...

by:ZHENHUA     2020-03-27
Starbucks, a coffee chain, has started charging customers 5 p for ordering tea and coffee in paper cups.
The high street chain is experimenting with the plan at a London cafe to allow more people to use reusable cafes.
Starbucks has 900 stores in the UK. They are testing water at 35 coffee shops in London.
Starting today, for three months, customers who use the store participating in the trial will charge an additional 5 p if the drink is in the paper cup.
The coffee chain said it wanted to see if the extra cost of paper cups would encourage people to use reusable cups.
The news comes after some lawmakers called for a 25p tax on \"disposable\" coffee cups and threatened to ban them altogether if the latte tax did not work.
Starbucks sells its recyclable cups for £ 1.
In a trial in 2016, they halved the price to 50 p.
\"We found that this didn\'t move the needle as we thought,\" Starbucks said in a statement . \".
\"We will investigate the impact of the cost of 5 p on paper cups and the impact of significant marketing of reusable paper cups on customer behavior.
\"Starbucks hopes that this charge may be the same as the supermarket ban on free plastic bags.
Since the use of 5p charges in the UK in 2014, the use of plastic bags has dropped by 83.
The powerful House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee also requested a fee to recover all disposable cups by 2023.
If they don\'t meet the goal, they insist the government should ban the Cup.
Very little recycling due to plastic lining.
Mary Krieger, chairman of the committee, said a \"recycling revolution\" was needed \".
\"Britain threw it away,\" she said.
5 billion disposable coffee cups per year;
Enough to circle the Earth five and a half.
\"There is almost no recycling, and there are half a billion garbage every day.
Coffee cup producers and distributors have not taken action to correct the situation, and the government has also sat back.
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