Stainless steel is typically the go-to material

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-18
Items Stainless steel can be used to make most of the equipment you can imagine for a total kitchen re-fit. You can choose counter tops, fridge and freezers, as well as cookers and extractor hoods. Stainless steel is also the most common material used for kitchen sinks, both in the commerical and home environment. Used for taps and cabinet hardware, it can pull the decor of the kitchen together. Look When it is used as the dominant motif in a kitchen, it gives the room a sleek, modern and hi-tech look. With it's reflective and clean look, it gives a hygienic look and feel across the kitchen.. Durability Used in professional kitchens, it can withstand the rough and tumble that comes from such a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. The thicker the steel the more it resists denting and scratching, as well as resisting rust. Its' properties mean that it won't deform or mark if hot items are placed on it. Standards It is easy to determine the quality of steel that you are getting in your kitchen equipment. There are standard measures that indicate the levels of composite metals combined with the steel, which will affect the appearance of the steel and its resilience. Look for stainless steel that has a high component of chromium and nickel in it. The former helps protect against corrosion, while the latter brings out the shine. Cleanliness Stainless steel is a non-porous material. This means that germs and bacteria are unable to penetrate it (unlike, say, wooden counter tops). This makes them very hygienic and easy to clean. As long as spills and moisture is cleaned off, it should resist rust and corrosion for a long time. This is another reason restaurant kitchens favour it. The only real downsides are that in areas with hard water spills can cause spots, although if cleaned immediately the risk of marks is minimal, and fingerprints tend to show up. However, many manufacturers now produce finger-print resistant steel. Utensils It is not just available as a choice for fitting and equipment; it is among the best options for your kitchen utensils. Stainless steel cooking pots are among the best in the business, conducting heat well and so ensuring even cooking. They resist heat well so can be used for low slow cooking and quick high-heat flash-frying as well. It also means that they are unlikely to become warped. Pots with an aluminum coating on the base are the most durable. If you have pots and pans, choosing utensils made from the same material is ideal, as they will not scratch the pots. Remember not to use scouring pads on your stainless steel equipment as it may scratch.
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