Spray painting can be a very addicting hobby. Of course

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-21
If you have done a lot of painting already, with either a brush or roller, then you know that to brighten up your house, all it needs is a few coats of paint. Every old structure and equipment can take on a brand new look just by giving it a new coat of paint. Traditional Painting Equipment In the past, if you want a new painting project to be done, then you would have to drag out your rollers and paint brushes from their closet. You also probably would buy new brushes as the old ones are very stiff already and you would buy new covers since the old ones is no longer good for the rollers. Since painting using traditional equipment is very labour intensive, you would have set aside most of your weekend hours just so you could finish the job. In addition, usually one weekend is not enough as you would have to paint again on the next weekend just so you could apply the second coat. Airless Spray Painter Fortunately, new painting equipment has been developed that take away the hard labour from any painting job project that you have. With this new gadget, you can apply a thick coat that dries very fast so that there is little or no paint runs. Because it operates at a very high pressure, the paint it uses needs very small amounts of thinner only, which means it dries quickly and releases very small amount of solvent into the environment. After masking surrounding areas that do not need your new coat of paint, you could actually finish painting the inside of a house in an hour. Within another hour, the first coat will be touching dry and so you could apply again the second coat. That's extremely fast compared to the back breaking labour of painting your house using paintbrush and rollers. Disadvantages of This Machine Since airless spray painting machine operates at a very high pressure, the only problem you would have with this are injection injuries if handled improperly. You see, an airless spray-painting machine operates by having an electric motor which drives a gear train connected to the paint pump generate pressure of up to 52,000 kPa. At this very high pressure, the paint coating will atomize which make it possible for it to be sprayed through the nozzle. This pressurized spray will be dangerous if you are not wearing any protection so you really have to wear your disposable coveralls and mask. Also if you are going to spray paint your fence and it is far from an electrical outlet, your airless spray painter will not work. You need either to provide an extension power cord or switch back to the good old paintbrush.
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