Spray coating system technology has seen a sharp

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-14
The most obvious benefit of using a spray system is it provides the ideal way to achieve an even coating over a complete surface, even if it involves complex substrate geometry. A majority of other processes are not able to effectively handle complex surfaces or substrates. They leave a slightly uneven coating surface which can cause significant problems over time. A similar but independent benefit is a spray system can achieve a constant thickness en masse across an entire production lot. While other methods may be equally effective for one-time uses, they cannot create a similar uniformity across the entire production lot. This is particularly important when looking for a way to apply coatings in a manufacturing or production environment. The third benefit of using a spray system is the ability to create a strong adhesion without any unwanted particulates. Since spray systems often utilize a closed environment to apply the spray, the risk of unwanted particulates is minimized. Additionally, spray typically dry extremely quickly which means once the items are moved from the closed environment, the risk of additional particulates is still minimal. This is not the case with other popular coating methods. The final benefit of a spray system is versatility. While it can easily create and even, complete coating over an item, it can also create a porous film. This is particularly important in the development of products such as time release medicine capsules. A majority of other systems only offer the ability to achieve a complete coating. This is primarily because a majority of other methods rely solely in a liquid state, whereas a spray system can also operate when the coatings are in a vapor state. While a spray coating system may not be ideal for every situation, the multitude of benefits it offers ensures it will always be a top consideration. Any time a coating is applied to a product, uniformity, consistency, and adhesion strength are top priorities and a spray coating system can always meet these needs.
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