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Specific operation of vacuum coating machine

Specific operation of vacuum coating machine


Specific operation of vacuum coating machine

For the specific operation of the vacuum coating machine, please refer to the instruction manual of the equipment and the pointer display on the instrument panel and the labeling instructions under each knob. The instructions are roughly as follows:

1. Check whether the operation control switches of the vacuum coating machine are in the "off" position.

2. Turn on the main power switch to supply power to the equipment. Press the "Reset" button to reset the control power of the whole machine.

3. Start the water cooling system and connect the cooling water of the vacuum coating machine.

4. Turn the control mode selection switch on the console to "Auto", keep the pumps VP1 and VP2 on, and the booster pump BP and diffusion pump DP start to warm up for about 60 minutes.

5. Install the wire feed reel full of aluminum wire into the shaft pin, and then install it on the support plate. Send the lead wire of the aluminum wire to the top of the evaporation boat through the wire feeding wheel and the conduit, and adjust the tension of the spring to make the pressing wheel press the aluminum wire without slipping, and the aluminum wire can be transported smoothly.

6. Wrap both ends of the evaporation boat with graphite paper and press them into the electrode, and close the baffle of the evaporation tank.

7. Install the base material reel on the unwinding shaft, install the empty reel on the take-up shaft, and then put it into the unwinding seat and the rewinding seat respectively and fix it. Adjust the position of the base material and the cylinder core, and pump up the cylinder core tightly.

8. On the main control screen of the touch screen, set the parameters related to the winding of the vacuum coating machine, including the diameter, width, tension of the substrate, the diameter of the stop, the speed of the winding, the tension of the winding, etc.

9. According to the winding flow chart, the base material is drawn out from the unwinding shaft and then wound onto the receiving shaft. The film material should be stretched and aligned during operation.

10. Press the "winding off" button on the operating table, the winding system will enter the zero-speed tension holding state according to the preset value, and the winding system will tighten the material.Specific operation of vacuum coating machine,vacuum coating machine,PVD vacuum coating machine,PVD coating machine

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