Sony reliable and most outstanding AIT (Advanced

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-14 This dependable and outstanding media format gives more stability and protection to compliance regulatory data with unique and remarkable WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality. The storage capacity of AIT3 SDX3-100C, is 100GB native and 260GB of compressed with excellent data transfer speed of 12MB/Sec. The higher capacities are enabling by the AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) technology that is basic technology for AIT generations. This high quality technology helps to create a base film that is smoother, even, large data tracks, and more constant have an ability to store massive information with best protection. AME improved base film robustness and it is perfectly resistible with all kind of ecological and operational conditions. SDX3-100C AIT, is embedded with an unique and permanent part of AIT technology a non-contact memory chip (MIC) which offers excellent features and reliability. The MIC is able to store important index about the manufacture and its compatible drives and other components and accelerate data access speed and helps drive to reach exact place of stored archives during load and unload procedures. The AIT Tapes SDX3-100C, are compatible with AIT 3 tape drives as well it is match able with AIT-3Ex and AIT 5 tape drives. MIC or Memory chip improved data access speed to desired files or information that is stored in a cartridge. AIT Tapes SDX3-100C, uses most important and advanced coating method and uses special metal particles which are harder like diamond and many times better than carbon oxides which is protected base film surface. These are so consistent and dependable media format proved to work in any condition.
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