Sony is most experienced and prominent magnetic

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-15
Next generation Sony LTO 3 tape, offers more reliability and improvement with better capacities, speed, durability, protection and efficient performance. Sony uses modern and mostly available technologies for further improvement of Sony LTO3, data storage tapes. And applied advanced and reliable Alloy Metal Particle (A3MP) with excellent coating techniques and enhanced the base film with more durability and helps in to increase capacity and recording densities. Sony LTX400G, offers an outstanding and exceptional top quality which improved performance with 400GB native and 800GB compressed data storage capacity. Better coating technique and fine metal particles give advantage to tape and increased data tracks from 512 in LTO 2 to 704 on more lighter 12.65mm and 690M long tape film. Sony offering excellent cost saving performance through its very fast and improved data transfer speed which is more quick, reliable and more secure. Sony LTO-3 tapes, offers excellent data transfer speed of 80MB/Sec native and 160MB/Sec compressed with better and consistent preservation of data. Sony uses robust and more reliable memory chip (LTO-CM) as in the LTO 1 and LTO2, with same 4 KB IC memory. LTO-CM not just speed up access time on requiring data but also kept the most important information about Sony LTO3 Tape, usage history and offers excellent communication skills during very intense and harsh data load and unload procedures. Sony excellent LTO quality raised the S/N ratio and improved performance for higher storage capacity, Output also improved in Sony LTO3 tapes, with low noise which is getting better with use of fine metal particles and improved smoother and evenly the surface. Sony improved base film and reduces the thinness is one of the most important factors for getting massive storage capacity, and thinner and lighter tape also works properly with accurate winding processes on the reel. And for better performance Sony used a special lubricant to secure the base film. Sony enhanced data protection in LTO 3 data storage tapes with the use of a newly developed data protection system WORM (Write Once Read Many). LTX400GWW, WORM protects data and prevent overwriting, alternation and removing during archive data. And also protect data from unauthorized access. The WORM cartridge is available separately along with RW or common LTO Ultrium data tapes. Sony LTX400GWW, is compatible with all LTO Ultrium 3 tape drives with excellent backward read and write ability with previous tapes. Sony LTX400G LTO3 data storage tape offers excellent performance with new adopted WORM function for better reliability of stored data. All brands of LTO 3 Ultrium tapes both in WORM and RW formation are available at
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