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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-03
For last twenty years, data is growing rapidly and the amount of the data is growing with unstoppable quantity. Since the introduction of Linear Tape Open media format Sony joined this remarkable and prestigious LTO consortium and starts its own production. Sony has uses unique and outstanding technologies from past and present, well collected, formed with its own innovation methods, and formed a high quality media format. The first LTO Ultrium media tape was introduced back in years 2,000 and last twelve and half year Sony introduced five most productive and dependable Linear Tape Open media format to meet the growing challenges of information. The first Sony LTO1 offers 100GB storage capacity, and with every new generation, Sony upgraded and improved with all basic features as well capacity and speed. The challenges are so huge and these continually enlarged with rapidly adoption of high tech new technologies and growing dependency on computers and internet. Now next generation of linear tape open Sony LTO6 tape is introduce with massive improvements in all basic features, durability, protection, operational capability and overall performance. Sony used same basic features but improved with new technologies and enhanced methods, and its own innovations techniques offers better dependability to most successful Linear Tape Open Ultrium technology. To provide improved and better magnetic tape long-term operational capability Sony next generation media cartridges uses a better, Cross-Linked-Binder-System that offers better wear fighting attributes additionally to cooperative, the Super Line finest smaller and thinner magnetic particles. The superior, forceful magnetic layer can hold out more than millions of drive passes if the user through constant and even operation underneath a variety of environmentally surroundings. High quality enhancements and outstanding capabilities make the Sony LTO-6 most remarkable media format in sense of storage capacity with impressive ability to protect the valuable and most important data within the same physical structure that designated for LTO 1. The new coating techniques and metal particles combination improved storage capacity with massive 2.5TB native and 6.25TB of compressed data with very fast and reliable data transfer speed of 160MB/Sec native and 400MB/Sec of compressed data. Sony LTX2500GN has improved 16KB memory chip that helps Ultrium 6 tape drives to access the required data with exact locations of stored archives. Moreover, continuing support the whole cartridge with diagnostic abnormalities and helps them to fixing these associated problems. Sony LTO 6 LTX2500GN is most advance and reliable Linear Tape Open media format that could handle massive storage capacity with faster transfer speed.
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