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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-02
The Blu-ray disks are developed by the leading manufacturers in the industry of consumer electronics. If you want to buy blu ray dvd disc, then you can get several benefits. These discs use a blue laser of 405nm as compared to the red laser of 650nm for DVD. At the same time, you can also store ample amount of data in the Blu-ray disks than the standard DVDs. The size of the diameter disc that is used by DVD and Blu-ray is of 120mm. The capacity of the single layer disc is 25 GB. In addition, it can also hold 2 hours of high definition and thirteen hours of standard definition video. If you make the comparison of the blu ray blank media discs with HD optical discs, you will find that the BDR can compete with the high definition DVD format. A lot of companies design the Blue-ray disks, in order to support consumer electronics, video game, media and recording and music companies. This type of format will provide a lot of benefits to the studios as it is considered as the worthy successor of the DVD format. There are various producers of blank media that supports the BDR format for succeeding the DVD format. There are also added advantages that you can get if you buy blu ray dvd disc. The manufacturing process of DVD is done with the help of the process of injection molding. It helps in the creation of 2 discs of size 0.6mm that are bonded together. These types of discs also help to keep the cost of production down that will suit your budget. Besides, it uses a hard protective coating in order to prevent any type of scratches to the surface.
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