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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-15
IBM, HP and Seagate (Quantum) develop most remarkable and efficient LTO (Linear Tape Open) data storage solution which is able to store massive data with speed and complete security and reliability for very long terms. And well matched with the needs of data storage requirements with very low operational costs. LTO storage tape format starts its initial original LTO 1 production within the year 2000, IBM, HP and Seagate formed an LTO consortium, and storage industry's most well-known and reliable magnetic tape manufacturers joined this prestigious LTO consortium, Sony is one of them and starts LTO Ultrium tape format production with use of its 60 years experience and most outstanding technologies. Sony LTO 1 tape, offers excellent, outstanding features and reliability for data with excellent performance. Sony uses best available technologies and reliable existing features for its first Sony LTO1, storage tape format, offering excellent storage capacity, with the help of excellent coating techniques with the use of very thin and smaller metal particles, Sony advanced thin-layer coating techniques is enable cartridge to store 100GB native and 200GB compressed with excellent 20MB/Sec native and 40MB/Sec compressed data transfer speed. Sony LTX100G, excellent base film quality and extra smooth surface allows 384 data tracks with 12.65mm wide and 609M long tape length, with outstanding reliable preservation for more than 30 years time span. Sony LTO-1 tape, also design to protect within the cartridge and shield during accidental drops and mishandling cartridge. Perfect sealed and firmly closed corner of Sony LTO 1 cartridge prevent the from outer pressures and debris which can enter the cartridge and can damage the stored data. A reliable memory chip (4KB) is included with Sony LTO1 tape, this is non contact, reliable LTO-CM which able to store most important usage history of the cartridge along with other reliable information about data tape, and accelerate the access to cartridge dependent data which is required during load and unload operations with LTO Ultrium 1 tape drive. Sony LTO1 tapes, are compatible with all branded LTO Ultrium 1 tape drives and remarkable read and write ability with very long term storing and revival working abilities. LTX100G, excellent cartridge design placed leader pins in a perfect location and enable cartridge's base film perfect smooth movements inside cartridge or with an LTO Ultrium tape drive. Sony LTX100G LTO 1 offers excellent storage capacity, with fast speed and reliable data protection through long terms. All branded LTO 1 Ultrium data storage tapes are available at
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