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Significance of PVD vacuum coating equipment maintenance

Significance of PVD vacuum coating equipment maintenance


Significance of PVD vacuum coating equipment maintenance

Everyone knows that the operating status of the PVD vacuum coating machine will directly affect the quality of the finished product. For better operation, the vacuum coating machine must be maintained and maintained. Then, do you know the meaning of the maintenance and maintenance of the vacuum coating machine? Below, the editor will explain to you their meaning.


The daily maintenance of the equipment is to find abnormalities in production and solve them as soon as possible. It is found that the mechanical pump oil is reduced and needs to be added. Don't think that the oil should be replaced regularly, otherwise the pump rotor may be severely worn during maintenance. For example, some bearing workpiece turrets are stuck and the bearing needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the problem may be serious if it is completely broken, and the motor may burn out.


Regular maintenance, some people will ask the difference between daily maintenance and regular maintenance? In fact, every device has a service life. For example, the service life of the silicone oil used in the diffusion pump is about two years. We replace it early. Is this a waste? No, equipment failures are most undesirable in production, and daily maintenance and regular maintenance are done well, which not only prolongs the service life of the equipment, but also reduces operating failures and improves production efficiency.


The most important thing in equipment maintenance is to be careful, so that you can avoid detours during maintenance.

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