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Selection of Magnetron sputtering optical coating machine/optical pvd coating equipment

Selection of Magnetron sputtering optical coating machine/optical pvd coating equipment


Selection of Magnetron sputtering optical coating machine/optical pvd coating equipment

optical coating machine can be used for multi-layer film such as: Short wave pass, Long wave pass, AR, Increased reflextion, light filter, light sepatator, band pass, medium layer, High reflection, rainbow layser. The machine can achieve up to 99 layers of film coating. and can meet the coating requirement of auto reflective glass, telescope, glass, lens and LED. With different vaporation source, electric gun and film thickness gauge, we can vaporate the metal, oxidizing material, compound metarial and other high melt point meatrial, and create the super hard film on the glass surface.

vacuum coating machine

The key to how China can achieve the energy-saving goals of buildings that Western countries have spent nearly a century in 20 years is the selection of new building materials and new technologies. Especially glass, it is the main entrance of building energy consumption. If new low-e radiation Low-E insulating glass is adopted, not only the old building can be easily replaced, but also the new building can be widely used and the construction cost is moderate. One of the key points for achieving energy saving in buildings is the use of energy-saving glass, especially Low-E coated glass. The trend of modern buildings is to use large areas of glass or even glass walls. China's existing building area exceeds 40 billion square meters. Most of the energy saving performance is not satisfactory. There are 13 billion square meters that need to be improved immediately and implemented as soon as possible. By 2020, it is planned to build a total of 30 billion square meters of new buildings. The above huge projects require more energy-saving glass. If energy-saving coating technology, especially Low-E insulating glass, is adopted, it will create a huge potential for Low-E coating production line related enterprises Market demand and benefits. In other words, the era when Low-E coated glass has become the mainstream of the market is not far away!

Coated glass is also called reflective glass. Coated glass is to coat one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound films on the glass surface to change the optical properties of the glass and meet certain specific requirements.

According to different characteristics of products, coated glass can be divided into the following categories:

1. Heat reflective glass. Generally, one or more thin films composed of metals such as chromium, titanium, or stainless steel are plated on the glass surface to make the product appear rich in color, have appropriate transmittance for visible light, and high reflectivity for infrared light. It has a high absorption rate for ultraviolet rays, so it is also called sunlight control glass, which is mainly used in buildings and glass curtain walls

2. Low-E glass. It is a film system composed of multiple layers of silver, copper or tin and other metals or their compounds on the glass surface. The product has a high transmittance of visible light and a high reflectance of infrared light. It is used in buildings, automobiles, ships and other vehicles. Due to the poor strength of the film, it is generally made of hollow glass.

3. Conductive film glass. Coated with conductive films such as indium tin oxide on the glass surface, it can be used for heating, defrosting, defogging of glass and as liquid crystal display.

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