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Selection and understanding of vacuum coating equipment

Selection and understanding of vacuum coating equipment


Selection and understanding of vacuum coating equipment

Vacuum coating equipment is a high-tech product. Many people may hesitate to choose it, but as long as they know more, they can easily choose their own mechanical equipment! However, to select more expensive machinery, it is recommended to select large manufacturers with guaranteed quality first, and then consider more in-depth issues.

As for the selection of vacuum coating machine, we should know that the vacuum system is composed of mechanical pump, diffusion pump, oil booster pump, expansion pump, roots pump, etc. And various pneumatic, manual and electric valves, pipelines, etc. Match them, and then we can select them according to the process requirements. The following can be used as a reference:

1. digital intelligent vacuum gauge and high-quality measuring gauge can be selected for vacuum degree measurement to ensure the accuracy of vacuum degree and the reliability of products.

2. the temperature control system can select different types of thermometers, temperature control instruments and their sensing elements.

3. it can be equipped with various inflation types, mass flowmeter, float flowmeter, etc. According to the use requirements, it can meet the requirements of controllable inflation pressure and multi-channel inflation.

4. it can be equipped with multi-point recorder for whole process analysis, quality monitoring and production management.

5. according to the characteristics of the equipment, manual, semi-automatic, full-automatic or their combination can be selected.

6. natural cooling and heat exchanger circulation can be selected for the rapid cooling system. For large capacity electric furnaces, external circulation rapid cooling system can be adopted to improve the cooling speed.

7. sound and light alarm shall be given for abnormal conditions such as overtemperature, large temperature deviation, lack of water in furnace body, pump and heat exchanger, phase failure of diffusion pump, furnace body overpressure, insufficient air source pressure, overcurrent overpressure, open circuit, etc. And implement corresponding protective measures.

The vacuum coating machine may have problems during transportation. It should be strictly checked before use to ensure personal safety.

The gearbox and traction reducer shall be frequently refueled and the gear oil shall be replaced. For a new machine, please replace the gear oil after using it for about 10 days to ensure the normal operation of all rotating parts. Pay attention to refueling, prevent jamming and overheating damage, and check the fastening of all connecting parts to prevent bolts from loosening. The compressed air in the bubble shall be kept at a proper amount. When starting the main motor, start the motor first, and then slowly accelerate; To turn off the main motor, slow down before turning it off.

When installing the vacuum coating machine, pay attention to adjust the center line of the extruder head and the center of the traction roll to keep them horizontal and vertical. During winding, as the winding outer diameter gradually increases, please pay attention to the coordination between the traction speed and the winding speed, and adjust it in time. After the host is powered on, pay close attention to the operation of the host.

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