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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-08
In many ways, unique color makes the design of the roof structure, subdivided into pitched and flat, depending on the slope. However, the use of complex roofs in the building is not always justified, since any complication of the roof: razzhelobki, valleys, and the large number of adjacencies to other elements of the building, leads to higher requirements for quality of construction, the correctness of the choice of roofing material. about gutter heaters In this article we will try to briefly describe the various roofing systems used in the construction of the cottage, their advantages and disadvantages. The roof, like the foundation is the most crucial element of the building. Usually the roof understand the following elements: truss construction sheathing, insulation, ventilation and roof elements - external portion of the roof, that is covering. Almost all roofing materials cover is always easily classified into two main parameters. The first - the raw material from which they are produced, the second - the form. The shape of modern roofing materials are divided into: - Tile (three-dimensional shaped tiles); - Corrugated (slate, corrugated board); - Custom-made flat tiles; - Flat rolled materials such as special locks for lateral connections (rebate) and no. Modern roofs are made of the following materials: - Steel with various types of protective coatings against corrosion; - Bitumen fiber and paperboard; - Polymer and polymer-bitumen materials; - Ceramics; - Asbestos cement or sand-cement mixtures (sheets, tiles). When choosing a roofing material it is desirable to know the material. Why - focus on a few specific examples. For example, your house is in a densely built-up area, and beside it are dilapidated buildings, at which ignition is possible to hit the roof of your house burning products. In this case, you have one of the determining factors may be applied fire-safe roofing and roof of the application of bitumen and polymer materials - is undesirable. If you enjoy the silence and the sound of rain annoys you, then your best bet is to stay on the roofs of bituminous materials. If the foundation of your home or rafter system is not reliable, it is unlikely you would be justified to use roofing cement-or ceramic materials because of their considerable weight. The variety of forms and technical capabilities Choosing a roofing material in the form, you not only solve design problems, but also can greatly simplify the (more difficult) construction and installation work, to increase (decrease) the cost parameters of the roof. An important parameter of the roof is also a smooth outer surface. Despite the fact that the rough coating gives a special charm to the roof, they will create you specific operational problems associated with the need of the special regular cleaning of the roof of the mud. There are many other consumer characteristics that influence the choice of the roof. In any case, before buying a roofing material, go to a specialized exhibition and look at different types of roofs, listen to the opinions of consultants. Today, information about roofing systems available in the large DIY stores, markets and fairs of permanent building materials and specialized permanent exhibition displays. To have made the choice of roofing material present some basic guidelines and indicators of quality roofing materials. Metal On modern machines produced metal tiles with two capillary grooves. For roofs made of these materials are not afraid of a leak in the cross-docking sheets. Do not buy cheap, uncertified wood screws. Disruption of the head during tightening and cracking of the rubber gasket can lead to fatal consequences. When buying sheets longer than 4 meters should be giving holes for screws oval. Check it easy to remove the film, which protects the adhesive. Remember that the bright color of the upper protective coating is based on the dyes are not always resistant to weathering. Do not forget about ventilation elements necessary for the preservation of plywood, on which tile is laid. Pay attention to the external porosity of the material and geometric coincidence of the various elements of the piece. Remember that the penetration of water in this type of roof can lead to cracking and failure of roofing material. The material thickness is an important parameter. Remember that the materials have a glossy surface, usually more expensive because of the quality of color. For roofs with small angles, pay attention to the rules of compound leaves (overlapping). Profiled Do not be confused with a Bent for the walls! For special types of manufactured roofing sheeting. To check the quality of the protective coating layer (scratches undesirable material). Buy the decking with a height profile of not less than 20 mm. Installation Warranty card provided by the manufacturer for 20 years or more is not always eliminate the potential problems. In the case of the treatment of warranty is the company-supplier almost always able to find deviations from the rules and instructions for installation and operation of the roof. Warranty adopted in European countries, is no more than 10 years. In conclusion, we note that almost all modern roof will provide protection for your home over the long term given the right technology and installation, while retaining its own unique color and appearance. The main questions that a buyer should ask yourself when choosing a roof, the following: 1. You are concerned about fire safety in case of ignition of neighboring houses (the situation is important, if near your home there are dilapidated buildings, or at home for extended periods). 2. You enjoy the silence (rain annoys you). 3. Design your house requires a special color. 4. You will finish building floor (to change the design of the roof). 5. The walls, foundation, rafter construction of your house is not very reliable. 6. You will surprise yourself and your friends an unusual roof. There are other questions that you must answer when choosing a roof (your house is located near the railway, near the house are the sources of dust, leaves, etc). Roofing - is the crown of any structure, how it is reliable and durable, as fits into the architectural ensemble of largely depends on the overall harmony of the building. Therefore, the choice of the roof must be approached very carefully and responsibly to the roof of your house embodied the strength, reliability and harmony.
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