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by:ZHENHUA     2020-08-31
Sanding of wooden floors is popular in Denmark since most households have a wooden floor. Everyone wants to have a nice wooden floor in the house which is pleasing to the eye and wood flooring being a long term venture it needs sanding to replenish the beauty of the floor from time to time. Nowadays all sanding of wooden floors jobs are performed by machines. These machines have been specially manufactured for the purpose of sanding of wooden floors. However the use of machines does not decrease one bit the importance of preparation. Elements like nails and screws which might damage the machine are first hammered down into the floor , this way the machine can do it's job smoothly. It is recommended that you hire sanding machines since sanding of wooden floors in your house will take place once after long intervals so buying an expensive machine is not necessary. After the floor has been prepared the first cut of the floor begins. The large machines are used across the open spaces in the room however the corners are worked upon by the specially designed sanders know as an edger. If a gap of some sort is witnessed then it can be filled up at this stage. After the first cut you will be able to see the grain of the new timber and then the sanding machine must be run in line with the grain of the timber so that the overall effect is nice.There is another machine known as the finishing machine which is used to provide the finishing touches. The last stage involves the coating of the floor with polyurethane or oil to give it the lustre and new look. The lubricants used for polishing the floor are highly poisonous so it is advisable to cover one's face while performing the last stage. Since I believe readers should be supplied with all the pros and cons of anything.Sanding of wooden floors sometimes brings about effects which might not be aesthetically pleasing. Moreover sanding can reveal decay in the lower layers of the floor which can in effect damage the house and reduce it's market value. Hiring a professional is the best way of going about it so that you can get to know what you are in for rather than going the whole hog and finding out you have done more bad than good.
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