Sampling is an essential process in powder coating

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-24
Mitsuba offers 50 gms, 100 gms& 500 gms sampling cups which can be directly fitted onto a powder coating gun of any brand. This completely eliminates the cleaning required for color change, thus saving at least 45 mins for a trial run. The cup is an especially unique attachment because it can be fitted on to a standard production powder gun for sampling. When the cup is removed the gun converts back to a normal production gun. Sampling cups are used at laboratorial purpose for sampling & where less quantity of powder is required to be sprayed. This completely helps in reducing powder wastage & time. Sampling cup can be effectively used with Mitsuba's Infiniti Corona Gun. The gun has an integrated 100KV electrostatic high voltage generator and patented replaceable power cartridge (US Patent No: 5678770). The advantage of using this gun is its maneuverability, well balanced and efficient powder gun constructed from wear-resistant material, specially rounded to prevent impact fusion and thus provide a smooth uninterrupted flow. In the event of power failure, only the power cartridge needs to be replaced without any other damage to the gun. Infiniti Corona gun comes standard with the Multistatic Series 700 system whereas Tribo gun needs to be bought additionally which can be used with the same control panel. This system is the most popular & used all over the world with excellent results. Sampling cup gun attachment can also be used with Tribo guns. Our range of sampling cupsavailable for different size is sufficient enough to be used for laboratory purpose. Small or large quantities of powder can be sampled very easily. When very less quantity of powder is to be sprayed over the object, sampling cups are used. These are easily used for color change. This attachment is useful for powder manufacturers, end users and job coaters. Mitsuba Systems India P. Ltd; Mumbai, India. MITSUBA SYSTEMS has been in the business of designing & manufacturing of Powder Coating equipment. To know more about Mitsuba products please visit:
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