Roll forming, is a process of continuous bending

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-20
The process of roll forming is one of the most simplest manufacturing processes for the roll forming manufacturers. It generally begins with a large spool of metal strips, which are generally between 1 inch to 20 inch in width, and about 0.0004 to 0.125 inch in thickness. These sheets are held together by a device known as 'dispenser'. After this process, the metal sheet is unrolled and put in to the machine which has stock feeder in the beginning and is connected to a cut off attachment. After the sheet is passed through the cut off attachment, it is then fed into the forming rolls. These mating die-set rolls do the job of constructing to form the desired shapes, and this is done in sequential stages by various shaped rolls. The layout of these rolls can be in any different roll configuration like flower shaped or progressive upper and lower rolls, or the side rolls, or even overhung spindle rolls which are also known as cluster roll configurations. Steel is also a very important material used for framing and cladding roofs and walls. Houses which are made of steel are easily erectable and can be insulated. They are earthquake resistant, cost effective too. Due to roll forming, the architects and designers can now give wings to their imagination .it is also very convenient for the manufacturer because it requires less labor. There are several different kinds of roll forming machines, which can be purchased and also be developed to fit the specifications of cross-section. The name of some of the roll forming machineries are rollforming presses, Purlinmaster Rollformers, Stud and Track Rollformers, Workhorse Series Rollformers and Greenfield Stud Rollforming Lines. These Rollforming machineries are used in a number of industries like in the building construction industry, for garage doors, for automotive, shelving and other complex parts. The future of the building industry can be improved if there are advances in the processes of roll form. Modern roll form system is a integrated fully computerized system for handling, processing, and finishing the material with better efficiency and economically. Due to this technical and spatial advances in the field of roll forming, the future of this industry looks brighter.
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