Roll forming is a major process involved in many

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-25
This isn't an easy job to be manually performed especially if one is dealing with metal sheets that are very long and in large quantities. Production is often required to meet high demands, so bending machines are used today in large factories. Roll designs are usually based from flower patterns. From these patterns, a variety of cross-sectional profiles or designs can be derived. Coming up with various designs can be expensive because every desired design will require a different set of roll tools. To minimize costs, companies see to it that metal sheets can be fed through the bending machine only after making sure that the shape and thickness of the final products will be exactly as envisioned. For that, a computer simulation is employed to validate or develop the roll designs and maximize the forming process to lower down the number of roll sets and the stresses in the finished product. Extrusions versus Roll Forming Bending and extrusions are both used to create cross-sectional profiles that are fixed. The main difference is through extrusions one can create intricate designs. Extrusion is used in the forming of bottle and can receptacles like those of sodas and canned goods, for example. One can also use extrusion machines if large quantities of finished products are required. Extrusion is advantageous if one is dealing with brittle materials and of course, because of its ability to create very complex cross-sectional profiles. Intricate designs of cavity-filled metal and concrete windows are achieved often through extrusions. Common materials used in extrusions processes are foodstuffs, concrete, ceramics, polymers and metals. But although so far the only material being used in bending processes is mainly metal (usually in metal sheets) and that those galvanized iron sheets seem to be the only obvious finished products that this process can produce, one must not forget that the construction of buildings cannot push through without these bending machines. Bending machines are able to produce steel pieces of shapes H, U and C. These differently-shaped steel pieces are then used in the creation of steel frames primarily because straight and rectangular- shaped metal rods cannot withstand big pressure that these letter-shaped metal rods and beams can. So, we have here two different bending and shaping processes that have different purposes on their own. Other Considerations to Think About When Using Roll Forming Processes To deal with manufacturing rolled form of metal sheets efficiently, one must think about things that should be considered. One has to consider lubrication, the cost of manufacturing, the effect of the process on the properties of the metal materials, and of course the safety of the machine operators and the entire factory.
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