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Resistance evaporator electrification test of PVD vaccum coating equipment

Resistance evaporator electrification test of PVD vaccum coating equipment


Resistance evaporator electrification test of PVD vaccum coating equipment

① cleaning the chamber size

②  put the evaporation material and resistance evaporation electrification in place

③  pumping the coating chamber vacuum below to the working pressure 

④  turn on the evaporation power, and start to heat up

⑤ Each evaporator heater shall operate normally at 50A~130A current and 4V~20V voltage and let the evaporator into incandescent

⑥ Finished the evaporation, the materials on the evaporator are complete evaporate off.

⑦ Finished the testing.

PVD vaccum coating equipment

With the development of society, people's requirements for beauty are getting better and better. Now beauty will be natural, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. So the existence of coating machines makes our life more beautiful. In life, we can almost take everything at hand. It can be related to vacuum coating machines, such as faucets, hardware locks, hangers, etc....So, what makes vacuum coating equipment more and more effective?

The reason why the product after coating is so beautiful and durable is that the surface of the product is covered with a uniform coating after being processed by the vacuum coating equipment. With the protection of this coating, the product is beautiful and natural, very pleasing to the eye, and with this With layer coating protection, the product is equivalent to having a protective film, so that it will not be harmed by the outside world. In fact, if the coating effect is good, the quality of the film must also be good!

Now in our lives, we almost cannot do without vacuum coating equipment, because the coating machine makes our quality of life better and better, and it brings us too many beautiful feelings. The impact of the coating machine on our lives is obvious to all. This kind of technology is indispensable for us!

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