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Reflux phenomenon of PVD vacuum coating equipmentr

Reflux phenomenon of PVD vacuum coating equipmentr


Reflux phenomenon of PVD vacuum coating equipmentr

The phenomenon that the gas or vapor flow in the pump body of the PVD vacuum coating equipmentr returns to the vacuum chamber of the vacuum coating equipment is called reflux. In a very high vacuum system, due to the low ultimate pressure of the system, the effect of backflow on the ultimate pressure is particularly significant. For extremely high vacuum systems, all pumps are gas sources. In order to reduce the backflow of the pump to the vacuum chamber, a trap is often connected between the pump and the vacuum chamber to block the backflow of gas.

PVD vacuum coating equipment

At the same time, with the continuous development of industrial technology, the requirements for the comprehensive performance of materials have also been continuously improved, and the performance of a single material can no longer meet the performance requirements of working machinery in certain specific environments. After decades of development, domestic vacuum ion coating machines have made some progress in automation and technology compared to foreign high-end coating equipment. However, the stability and accuracy of coating products still need to be improved, and high-end equipment is still Rely on imports. At the same time, there is an oversupply situation in the low-end product market for multi-arc ion coating machines, and price competition is fierce.

At present, my country's vacuum coating equipment industry and other traditional manufacturing industries have overcapacity, and the effect is significant. The country vigorously develops the environmental protection industry and bans or transforms or restricts the traditional electroplating industry. This is a good time for the development of the ion coating industry. The high cost performance of vacuum coating and the environmental pollution caused by traditional electroplating have forced vacuum coating to become the mainstream, and vacuum coating equipment of various types and coating processes continues to increase.

After decades of development, our country’s coating machinery has formed a complete range, reasonable layout, complete variety, and a system that basically adapts to the level of vacuum coating technology and the development of the coating industry. Vacuum coating equipment can no longer be called a new industry. In a mature industry with innovative capabilities, the coating technology has changed from heavy pollution to light pollution to no pollution in the future. Innovation is the prerequisite. With the development of newer high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly vacuum machinery and equipment, the entire industry is bound to change.

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