railways to unveil 200 kmph coaches with sliding doors

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-01
New Delhi: The railway will launch this month a modern bus with automatic sliding doors and electric scooters ready to run trains at higher speeds
Assist in the pneumatic auxiliary braking system running at a speed of 200 km/h.
Manufactured in a railway bus factory (RCF)
In Kapurthala, the first shipment of four high-speed buses
Two AC chair cars and two executive classes
A senior ministry official said they were preparing to travel to the capital before the march.
The cost of each coach is estimated to be around Rs 3.
Cr was 25 compared to Rs 2.
Normal coach 5 cr.
The coaching staff is equipped with the latest technologies such as stainless steel brake discs, sintering pads and Electric
Pneumatic auxiliary braking system running at a higher speed.
In addition, there will be automatic sliding doors at the entrance, such as Metro buses and better dust, sound insulation and insulation systems.
The third major revision of these coaches, he said, involves improvements and broader international exchanges
The car foyer area between coaches, in addition to reducing the noise level, will help reduce the entry of dirt and water.
The RCF will make a total of 20 buses, of which 4 are almost ready, and the rest will be delivered in June, as announced by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu in his last budget.
The new plan includes the manufacture of 20 rake cars consisting of 14 AC chair cars, 3 executive chair cars and 3 electric vehicles.
These 200/hour buses are also equipped with other functions, including improving the safety and comfort of passengers.
The coach will have a nice interior with spacious and ergonomic seating.
The coach will also provide a personal information entertainment system.
Each coach will emphasize safety and will be equipped with fire-proof furniture in addition to fire and smoke detection alarms.
The toilets of these coaches will be redesigned inside and equipped with vacuum evacuation assist toilets.
In addition to marble finishes and touch-proof supplies, plush interiors will also be fitted with touch-free accessories in faucets, clothes dryers and soap dispensers
Graffiti was painted on the wall.
The instructor carries a cheetah-based color scheme, the cheetah is the fastest animal known for its vitality and developed in collaboration with the National Design Institute of Ahmadinejad.
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