Quality assurance of vacuum technology and coating
To be able to guarantee the quality of goods, Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. has created a whole set of QC system. Our vacuum technology and coating will be analyzed and assessed to determine if they meet required performance specifications before they are introduced to people. During the business, the maintenance of an excellent management process is vital for all of us.

With high quality of Coating Machine, Zhenhua Technology has attracted many famous companies to seek for cooperation. The Roll to Roll Coating Equipment series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The application of innovative technology gives ZHENHUA vacuumion cleaning equipment an innovative design. The machine has the characteristics of large yield. ZHENHUA Coating Machine aims at providing quality service to the public. It can be widely applied in electronics, toy, automobile, and other industries.

Vacuum technology and coating is our eternal service creed. Get an offer!
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