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pvd Vacuum sputtering coating machine of magnetic recording media

pvd Vacuum sputtering coating machine of magnetic recording media


pvd Vacuum sputtering coating machine of magnetic recording media

The pvd sputtering coating equipment of magnetic recording media requires sputtering targets with low gas content, high purity, fine-grained microstructure, high magnetic penetration and utilization, uniform metallography, and excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

PVD sputtering coating machine

The film stretches during aluminum plating

the reason:

① The substrate tension is too high. Solution: Adjust the unwinding tension control system to appropriately reduce the tension.

② The cooling system is operating abnormally. Solution: Check the cooling system and clear the fault.

3. There are brown stripes on the surface of the film

the reason:

① Solutions for low vacuum: clean the aluminum delivery equipment, evaporation equipment, cooling system, unwinding equipment, and guide rollers in the vacuum chamber; check the vacuum system; reduce the environmental humidity.

② The film releases gas. Solution: Film pre-monotonous; extend the vacuum time.

③ Too much aluminum is sprayed. Solution: forward speed; reduce the water flow of the evaporation boat; reduce the aluminum delivery speed.

④ There are impurities in the evaporation vessel. Solution: Clean the evaporation boat and heat insulation board.

⑤ The evaporator is aging. Solution: Replace the evaporation boat.

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