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PVD vacuum coating technology of vacuum coating machine

PVD vacuum coating technology of vacuum coating machine


PVD vacuum coating technology of vacuum coating machine

PVD vacuum coating technology is mainly used in the surface treatment of solid carbide tools and high-speed tool steel tools, and has been widely used in the coating of carbide drills, milling cutters, reamers, taps, special-shaped tools, welding tools, etc.

Compared with CVD, PVD has the following advantages:

The coating temperature (300~500℃) is lower than the tempering temperature of high-speed tool steel, so it will not damage the hardness and dimensional accuracy of high-speed tool steel tools, and no heat treatment is required after coating. The effective thickness of the coating is only a few microns, so the original precision of the tool can be guaranteed, and it is suitable for tools with high coating precision. The coating has high purity and good compactness, and the coating is firmly bonded to the substrate. The properties of the coating are not affected by the base material. The coating is uniform, and the cutting edge and arc are not thickened or rounded, so that complex tools can be uniformly coated. No decarburization phase, the coating is free from chlorine corrosion and brittle cracking caused by hydrogen embrittlement deformation by CVD method. Coated inserts are strong. The working process is clean, pollution-free and pollution-free.

At present, the PVD technology of the vacuum coating machine not only improves the bonding strength of the film and the tool base material, but also makes the coating composition develop from a single coating to TiC, TiCN, ZrN, CrN, MoS2, TIAIN, TiAICN, Tin-Ain, CN, etc. A composite coating. There is a new breakthrough in the quality of PVD coating tools, this film coating not only combines high strength, hardness close to CBN, good oxidation resistance, and can effectively control the shape and precision of precision tool edges, high-precision machining, its machining Accuracy no less than bare tools.

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