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PVD vacuum coating machine for surface treatment of objects

PVD vacuum coating machine for surface treatment of objects


PVD vacuum coating machine for surface treatment of objects

PVD vacuum coating machine

Surface treatment is a process of artificially forming a surface layer on the surface of the base material that is different from the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the base. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the product's corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements. Our more commonly used surface treatment methods are: spray surface, chemical treatment, mechanical polishing, surface heat treatment. Surface treatment is cleaning, cleaning, descaling, degreasing, and deburring on the surface of the workpiece.


Common surface treatment processes are: electroplating process, PVD vacuum COATING, electrolytic polishing, anodizing, galvanizing process, powder spraying, screen printing, pad printing process, water transfer printing, electrophoresis, etc.


"PVD Vacuum Coating" is a physical deposition phenomenon. That is, when argon is injected under vacuum, the target material is hit by argon gas, and the separated molecules of the target material are adsorbed by the conductive goods to form a uniform and smooth metal-like surface layer.


1. Applicable materials:


(1) Many materials can be vacuum electroplated, including metals, soft and hard plastics, composite materials, ceramics and glass. Among them, the most common surface treatment for electroplating is aluminum, followed by silver and copper.


(2) Natural materials are not suitable for PVD vacuum Coating, because the moisture of natural materials will affect the vacuum environment.


2. Environmental impact:


Pvd Vacuum coating is an environmentally friendly and pollution-free process.


3. Process cost:


During the pvd vacuum coating process, the workpiece needs to be sprayed, loaded, unloaded and re-sprayed, so the labor cost is quite high, but it also depends on the complexity and quantity of the workpiece.

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