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​PVD vaccum coating equipment coating uniformity problem

​PVD vaccum coating equipment coating uniformity problem


PVD vaccum coating equipment coating uniformity problem

PVD vacuum coating machine

Although the VPD vacuum coating equipment is a nano level machine, which is very precise, it can only control the film thickness at a single point in the vacuum chamber regardless of the precision of the monitor in the machine. In generally,it is the middle position of the work-piece holder. If the film thickness in the center of the vacuum coating machine is not uniform, the substrate far away from the center can not get uniform thickness. Although the shield can eliminate the long-term non-uniformity, some film thickness changes are caused by the instability of the evaporation source or the different performance of the coating material, so it is almost impossible to eliminate this problem, but the proper selection of the structure of the vacuum chamber and the evaporation source can minimize these effects. In other words, it is very important to choose a high-quality vacuum coating machine, which can reduce unnecessary troubles.

In recent years, the vacuum coating equipment industry has continued to develop, and the technology has been updated day by day, allowing more business friends to get rid of the traditional primitive coating methods and methods. Whether it is the comparison between the entire industry and the same industry abroad, or the comparison within the industry, it has exposed some problems and gaps in the vacuum coating industry.

1. Product research and development capabilities: It can be said that there is basically no capital investment or only a small amount of capital investment. The research and development capabilities are poor. Most of them are taking orders while walking, designing and producing, so To some extent, it caused the unreliable and unstable coating equipment and the immature process.

2. The technology needs to be upgraded. Although some companies have improved due to relocation in recent years, the manufacturing costs, the level of technology, and the level of testing are still relatively backward, and they are not comparable to those of foreign vacuum coating equipment counterparts. In contrast, the technical transformation problems left over from the old system may be difficult to eliminate in the short term. The obsolete equipment, the backward technology and the low product level, are problems that almost every enterprise in the industry has.

3. The problem of the management mechanism model: The current Chinese family style or the share-holding cooperation style between friends reflects the outdated management concept. The disadvantages of the development model machine cannot promote the development of the vacuum coating equipment industry, even if it is now Enterprises that have been reformed by the shareholding system, or those that have obtained advanced management in China's machinery industry, still lag far behind Western developed countries in management.

  4. The problem of professionals: This is a common problem common to the entire machinery industry or the entire Chinese enterprise. High-quality pioneering technicians, skilled craftsmen and white-collar workers with unique management skills are seriously lacking in enterprises. In enterprises, technical personnel and skilled workers are indispensable. Of course, with the passage of time, the problem of talent will have a good turn.

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