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PVD sputtering coating machine of Zhenhua Company

PVD sputtering coating machine of Zhenhua Company


PVD sputtering coating machine of Zhenhua Company

The PVD sputtering coating machine  produced and designed by Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. Can make imitation gold plating. Many manufacturers will basically use copper or tin to plating, so that the appearance of the object can reach the effect of 14K ~ 24K, The PVD sputtering coating machine  made by Zhenhua can directly use the real gold target material to make the product directly plate to the gold layer, so that it can reach the almost color of 14K ~ 18K, which is simple, fast and stable in quality, but only suitable for stainless steel products.

Decorative vacuum coating equipment is an evaporative coating device that uses resistance heating in a vacuum chamber to melt and vaporize the metal wire (aluminum wire) close to the resistance wire, and vaporize the metal molecules to deposit on the substrate to obtain smooth and high reflection The high-speed film layer achieves the purpose of decorating and beautifying the surface of the article.

   The equipment has the advantages of reasonable structure, uniform film layer, good film quality, high pumping speed, short working period, high production efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption and stable performance. It is widely used in industries such as automobiles, stereos, various small household appliances, computers, watches, toys, mobile phones, reflectors, cosmetics, toys, etc.

  Machinable materials include: ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, nylon, metal, poly, glass, ceramics, TPU, etc.

The plating effects are: ordinary electroplating bright surface, matte surface (semi-matte, full-matte), process plating wrinkles, drawing, raindrops, colorful, etc.; plating colors: gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, colorful, etc. Wait.

What is the cause of the film drop of the glass coating of the vacuum coating equipment? Now let's learn this together.

   The surface cleaning treatment of the parts of the vacuum evaporation coating equipment is very necessary, because if the vacuum system is affected by the external environment, the vacuum system cannot be used normally and cannot reach the high vacuum.

  In the presence of impurities, the connection and airtightness of the vacuum parts are affected.

   Pollutants and impurities are completely useless for vacuum. Multi-arc ion coating machine divides them into solid impurities, gaseous impurities and liquid impurities according to their state. They exist in the form of particles. From a chemical point of view, it can be either ionic or covalent, organic or inorganic.

The exposed surface of    is most likely to be contaminated. There are many kinds of contamination, and it is usually formed by its own operation at the beginning.

   It is necessary to pay attention to the processes of surface adsorption, chemical action, cleaning and drying, and machinery may produce stains during various operations and increase surface contaminants.

   Paying attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the machine in the early stage can reduce a lot of troubles in the later stage, prevent the occurrence of various minor conditions of the sputter control sputtering coating machine, improve work efficiency, and the quality of the vacuum coating machine coating also plays a very important role.

   can maximize the improvement of the vacuum system wall and other machine accessories can work stably under different conditions.

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