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PVD optical vacuum coating machine

PVD optical vacuum coating machine


PVD optical vacuum coating machine

PVD optical vacuum coating machine to him which is newest and have stable running performance, the most important is the machine have biggest capacity. The inner chamber size of the GX2700 is: Ф2700*1950mm, equipped with one set imported electron gun, USA brand film thickness gauge and ion source, can make AR/AF film on glass, PET film or plastic composite board. And also include color film, gradient film and non-conductive bright silver film layer can be coated on those surface. As the market's pursuit of the appearance of mobile phones continues to escalate, the gradient color is increasingly sought after by the market. Mr Joseph Met is very excited about this machine.

vacuum coating machine

1. Wear resistance

The coated lens is electrostatically charged, which is easy to absorb dust and scratch the lens. The du wear resistance is not strong, but the non-coated lens has strong wear resistance.

2. Radiation protection

Coated lenses have better radiation protection than non-coated lenses

3. Technology

Coated spectacle lens is a new technology that uses optical thin film and vacuum to coat a layer of substance on the surface of the lens to improve the ability of the lens to reflect light and enhance or reduce light transmission.

Advantages of coating:

Coated glasses can reduce the reflected light on the surface of the lens, see clearly, reduce the reflected light on the mirror surface, increase the light transmittance, and solve the problem of taking pictures under strong light with glasses, and also increase the aesthetics.

Coated glasses can prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and X-rays. Wearing coated glasses is not easy to fatigue. The eyesight of the staff in front of the fluorescent screen can be protected.

If the ordinary lens can be seen clearly, there is no need to add a film. If you want to add it, the resin lens can be added with an anti-reflection film or a hard film. The glass lens generally only has an anti-reflection film.

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