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PVD Multi-arc magnetron sputtering technology

PVD Multi-arc magnetron sputtering technology


Multi-arc magnetron sputtering coating technology is mainly used for depositing metal or compound films on plastics, ceramics, glass, silicon wafers and other products to obtain bright, beautiful and economical plastic and ceramic surface metallized products. Coating film techniques in the fields of decoration, lamps, furniture, toys, arts and crafts, decoration, etc. usually use magnetron sputtering methods, which are also applied to military protective films, optical products, magnetic recording media, circuit printed boards, and moisture-proof Industrial fields such as anti-reflection film, wear-resistant film, anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

Multi-arc magnetron sputtering is not only used in scientific research and industrial fields, it also can be used to many daily necessities, mainly used in the films which are difficult to make by chemical vapor deposition.Magnetron sputtering technology has been used in the preparation of electronic packaging and optical films for many years. Especially the MF technology has also been applied in optical films and transparent conductive glass.Transparent conductive glass is widely used now, such as television computer flat panel display devices, electromagnetic microwave and RF shielding devices and devices, solar cells etc, magnetron sputtering coating technology also plays a large role in the field of optical storage. Furthermore, the film forming technology is also widely used in surface functional films, self-lubricating films, super hard films.etc.

Zhenhua ZCK1800 multi-arc magnetron sputtering coating machine has high deposition rate and high ionization rate. The equipment has the characteristics of simple operation, low cost, high productivity and large production capacity. The film layer is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, high temperature, good adhesion, and the product is not easily faded. Widely used in hardware industry,jewelry industry, titanium stainless steel parts and so on.

Machine size can be customized according to customer's coating requirements


Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co.,Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of vacuum coating, specializing in a variety of pvd machine.

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