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Pvc vacuum coating machine Undisassembled cleaning of oil-sealed mechanical pump

Pvc vacuum coating machine Undisassembled cleaning of oil-sealed mechanical pump


For the cleaning of the vacuum system of the oil diffusion pump without obvious failure, it is usually carried out without dismantling the pump, only the old oil and dirt are discharged through the oil drain hole. Then inject new oil into the air inlet, slowly rotate the pump a few times, and then release the injected oil. Repeat this one or two times, and finally inject new oil into the air inlet.

vacuum coating machine

Vacuum coating application is a large branch of vacuum applications, and it has a very wide range of applications in many aspects such as optics, electronics, physical and chemical instruments, packaging, machinery and surface treatment technology. In order to give you a more detailed understanding of the application of vacuum coating, today the editor will introduce the main methods of vacuum coating application in detail, I hope it will be useful to everyone! The simple understanding of vacuum coating application is to coat metal films or coatings on objects such as metals, glass, ceramics, semiconductors, and plastics using evaporation, sputtering and subsequent condensation in a vacuum environment.


Compared with the traditional coating method, the vacuum coating application is a dry coating, and its main methods include the following:


  1, vacuum evaporation

  The principle is to use an evaporator to heat the vaporized material to vaporize or sublime, and the vaporized ion stream is directly directed to the substrate, and the solid film is deposited on the substrate.


  2, sputtering coating

Sputtering coating is under vacuum conditions, the cathode is connected to a high voltage of 2000V to excite glow discharge, and the positively charged argon ions hit the cathode to eject atoms, and the sputtered atoms are deposited on the substrate through an inert atmosphere to form a film layer .


  3, ion plating

   is the vacuum ion coating that the dry screw vacuum pump manufacturer has already introduced. It is developed on the basis of the above two vacuum coating technologies, so it has both process characteristics. Under vacuum conditions, gas discharge is used to separate the working gas or the evaporated material (membrane), and the evaporated material or its reactants are deposited on the surface of the substrate under ion bombardment. During the film formation process, the substrate is always bombarded by high-energy particles and is very clean.


  4, vacuum winding coating

  Vacuum winding coating is a technology that uses physical vapor deposition to continuously coat a film on a flexible substrate to achieve some functional and decorative properties of the flexible substrate.

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