Proper care of your wood furniture makes it last for years

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-13
The inevitable white ring from water will present a challenge but making it disappear is simple. The household items are olive oil, mayonnaise, petroleum jelly, vegetable oil and some wood putty that is non-hardening. You can use any of the listed ingredients except the wood putty to remove those unwanted white rings. The more severe marks need the wood putty. Use some of the olive oil for an example, and apply it to the ring. Leave it on until the next day and then gently rub it away with a supple cloth. This will make most of the mark, if not all, disappear. For damage to the wood of your furniture that is of a more serious nature like deep scratches and dings, then the wood putty will correct the blemish. The putty needs to be non-hardening and also the same color as the wood. To remove the marks from heat damage applying a solution of lemon just will remove the problem. Sometimes a wet piece of paper from setting down a newspaper or shopping bag will cause the paper to stick to the wood of your furniture. The remnant of the paper that has dried onto the wood sticks like it was glued there. Removing this becomes difficult but if you apply a little baby oil on the paper remains and let it sit for a few hours it will wipe away easily. If you or someone in your household is a smoker then you will have the problem of your furniture being covered with a coating of nicotine. This is a yellowish substance that not only leaves a film that ruins the finish but has an odor. This will build up over time. The most effect way to remove this nicotine film is by applying a solution made with a gallon of warm water and about one-quarter cup of vegetable oil. Add in two tablespoons of baking soda and stir it in until it dissolves. With a pliable cloth dampened with the solution you can massage the furniture. Only do little areas at a time, rinsing the cloth you use as you go along. As you are working on the wood you will notice there are sticky spots. This only means that the process is working and you need to keep working these areas until the sticky disappears. As the dirt, wax build up, and nicotine residue are loosened, the wood will feel sticky and when it is completely gone it will feel smooth and silky again. Each week, to keep your wood furniture free of these kinds of build ups, use a cloth that is dipped in some warm water to wipe it clean. It is also recommended that instead of using furniture polish, using the diluted vegetable oil is better for the wood.
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