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Process development of vacuum coating machine equipment

Process development of vacuum coating machine equipment


Process development of vacuum coating machine equipment

 Vacuum coating machine, vacuum coating machine equipment optical processing technology development and future trends, China's optical coating parts cold processing was very rare in the Republic of China period, to the 1950s from the Soviet Union and East German socialist countries to import optical processing Technology is almost copied. The optical cold processing adopts loose-grain abrasive rough grinding, fine grinding, and classical polishing. The processing efficiency is low, and the technical requirements for the operators are high. Each operator has to go through years of technical post training before he can officially start working. Workers with better skills can complete the entire line of work alone, from processing rough to polishing.

The optical cold processing of vacuum coating machine and vacuum coating machine equipment at this time mainly relies on the skills and experience of skilled workers to process parts, and the role of process design is not very important in this period. At that time, there was no strict process standard. Usually, only the process size, surface accuracy and appearance requirements are given in the processing requirements, and the processing adjustment parameters may not be clearly specified. The operator can adjust the processing according to each person's personal experience, as long as Just produce parts that meet the requirements of the drawings. Usually every enterprise has a surplus of labor, and the focus on production efficiency is far less than the requirements for political ideas.

Vacuum coating machine, vacuum coating machine equipment With the introduction of spherical milling machines and surface roughing machines, the labor intensity of roughing operators has been relieved, and the processing efficiency of roughing has been greatly improved. The process requirements have also been improved, but due to the lower accuracy of the equipment, there is no change in the requirements of the subsequent processes, and the role of the process standards has not changed significantly. After that, high-speed polishing of the quasi-sphere center appeared, the production efficiency of optical cold processing was rapidly improved, the division of labor was clearer, and the role of process standards was significantly improved. The role of the craftsperson plays a decisive role in the production process. Standardization of operations has become the main content of the company's daily work. The "craftsmanship" of the old workers has changed from a dominant role in the past to an auxiliary role. Slogans such as "operating according to standard", "operating according to standard" and "production according to standard" have become the foundation of every modern enterprise's production. The process method, process route and process standard formulated by the technologist play a pivotal role in the production of the enterprise.

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