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Problems encountered in using magnetron spraying coating machinery

Problems encountered in using magnetron spraying coating machinery


Problems encountered in using magnetron spraying coating machinery

Most of coating manufacturer used Electron Beam evaporation coating machine before,but because of low production efficiency,high equipments costs and films are difficult to control,so  technically generally manufacturer can not achieve.Zhenhua Technology have researched and developed the machine ZCK-1150 Magnetron Coating Equipment could solve the problems mentioned above completely,its operation stability is much better shape than electron beam evaporation coating machine,also  with high efficiency and small investment  advantages . Because of the special way of magnetron sputtering coating and the connection between optimal Arc Source and clamp plate,the loading capacity of ZCK-1150 coating equipment is bigger than chamber diameter 2050mm electron beam evaporation coating machine.This model coating equipment already coating productions for Sansung and Apple manufacturer stably.

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What are the non-uniform factors caused by magnetron sputtering coater? The causes of the inhomogeneity of magnetron sputtering coater include vacuum state, argon and magnetic field.

The main working process of magnetron sputtering coater is to bombard the target with argon ions formed by electron bombardment through orthogonal magnetic field in vacuum state, and the target ions are deposited on the surface of the workpiece to form films.

The vacuum state must be controlled by the air extraction system. The air extraction ports of each vacuum coating machine must be started at the same time with the same force, so as to control the uniformity of air extraction. If the air extraction is not uniform, the pressure in the vacuum chamber cannot be uniform, and the pressure has a certain influence on the ion movement. In addition, the air extraction time must be good, too short will cause the vacuum degree to be different It's enough, but it's too long and wasteful, but there's a vacuum meter, and control is not a problem.

The magnetic field is operated in an orthogonal way, but it is impossible for you to make the magnetic field strength uniform by one percent. Generally, the thickness of the film will be larger when the magnetic field is strong, but on the contrary, it will be smaller, so it will lead to the inconsistency of the film thickness. However, in production, because the inhomogeneity of the magnetic field causes the inhomogeneity of the film, it is very common. Why?

Although the strength of the original magnetic field is not easy to control, the workpiece is also running, and the target atoms are deposited for many times before finishing the coating process. In a period of time, although some parts are thick and some are thin, in another period of time, the original thin parts will be deposited on the thick parts under the strong magnetic field, and the thick parts will be deposited on the thin parts. This is repeated for many times. After the film is finally formed, the whole film will be uniform Sex is still good.

The uniformity of argon gas supply will also affect the uniformity of the film. In fact, the principle is similar to the vacuum degree, because when argon enters, the pressure in the vacuum chamber will change, and the uniform pressure can control the uniformity of film thickness.

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