Prescription glasses are prescribed by an optometrist

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-01
Single vision: In single vision lenses, they have the same optical focal point or correction in the whole area of the lens. Bifocal: Bifocal lens consist of two prescriptions. The upper part of the lens is used for distance vision and the bottom part is used for reading. In these glasses there is a line separating both the sections. Trifocal: These lenses are similar to bifocals. In them , the two focal areas are separated by a third middle area. This area is used for intermediate focus correction. This lens consists of two segment lines which divide the three different correcting segments. Progressive lens: These lenses are also called Varifocal lens or No-line Bifocal. They are basically a combination of distance glasses and reading glasses in one lens. They are also available with UV400 and scratch resistant coating. These days tinted prescription sunglasses have become a preference of a large number of people. They look similar to the regular eyeglasses but are fitted with the customized prescription. They are available in various colors and in various tint darkness levels. You can buy tthem on online optical stores at huge discounted rates. You can get customized glasses as these stores give the option to specify the desired darkness. The tint type glasses are available in straight and graduated types. The graduated tint are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom so that they filter out the bright sunlight. These prescription glasses help to block the harmful sun-rays and come with UV400. They have scratch resistant coating and therefore are highly durable. People wearing prescription glasses should not feel disheartened to think that they cannot wear fashion glasses. These days fashion prescription glasses are also available and such people do not have to compromise on fashion while wearing specific types of glasses prescribed by the optometrist. They too can wear fashion glasses with their prescription lens fitted in them and look stylish. Such people can also wear sporty glasses, safety glasses, motorcycle goggles, OTG and Magnetic clip-on sunglasses with their prescription lens fitted in. They are available at reasonable prices on online optical shops.
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