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Precautions for PVD vacuum coating machine using diffusion pump

Precautions for PVD vacuum coating machine using diffusion pump


Precautions for PVD vacuum coating machine using diffusion pump:


PVD vacuum coating equipment

Diffusion pump is one of the main tools for PVD vacuum coating machine to obtain high vacuum. They are simple to operate, have no moving parts, are relatively cheap, and maintain little and easy. But even so, there are some caveats when using a diffusion pump. Here are 12 things that vacuum furnace users should avoid when using a diffusion pump.


1. Never use alternative pump oil.


2. If the diffusion pump is in a vacuum state, do not stop the cooling water or open the oil filling plug (especially when its temperature is very high).


3. When leakage or continuous gas generation occurs in the vacuum furnace system, causing the pressure to be 2μmHg higher than the intake port of the pump, do not keep the intake valve open.


4. Never use a heater with a rated power higher than the recommended power.


5. Do not operate the diffusion pump when the oil level is low.


6. The thermostat will usually provide protection for the pump in the absence of pump oil or water, but the control circuit may malfunction. Therefore, if there is no cooling water circulation or no suitable backing pump, do not operate the diffusion pump. For large equipment, double protection is recommended.


7. Do not remove the safety protection device.


8. When the temperature of the diffusion pump is high, do not let air enter the pump.


9. Unless there is a certain amount of oil in the pump and the gas is evacuated to a pressure below 0.5μmHg, do not turn on the power of the pump.


10. Do not use steam, powder or materials that may react with the recommended pump oil to avoid contaminating the pump.


11. If the pump fails, do not use the rapid cooling water pipe, otherwise harmful condensed water will collect at the end of the heater.


12. When the PVD vacuum coating machine stops running and the pump is exposed to the atmosphere, drain the cooling water of the pump, otherwise it will cause moisture condensation in the pump.

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