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Precautions after degreasing the PVD vacuum coating equipment

Precautions after degreasing the PVD vacuum coating equipment


Precautions after degreasing the PVD vacuum coating equipment

After the PVD vacuum coating equipment is degreasing, it can be treated with acid or alkaline etching to remove the oxides on the metal surface. After heat treatment, the equipment parts are no longer oily, and can be directly treated with acid/alkali etching to remove the oxide layer pollution left after vacuum annealing.

PVD vacuum coating machine

1. Coating operation steps:

1. Wash before coating.

2. Sampling check the appearance of the lens (cracked edges, scars, dirty), and check the lock plate of the lens (the lens is tilted).

3. Confirm the lenses to be coated (quantity, model, surface type) and make corresponding records.

4. Put on the umbrella, and install the lens from the packaging box on the umbrella stand of the coating machine (please take gloves around the coating plate and do not touch the lens.

5. Distinguish the types of lenses that need to be coated.

6. Clean the crucible around the electron gun with a copper brush, suck, and add medicinal materials.

7. Confirm the crystal oscillator and monitor whether it is OK in the new position.

8. Confirm that there is no debris in the machine, and close the door to exhaust heating.

9. Choose the corresponding process for coating.

10. The personnel are monitored during the coating process.

11. Under the umbrella, remove the coated lens from the umbrella stand and put it into the packing box.

12. Sampling inspection, mainly film spots, foggy, abnormal color, and dirty.

13. The spectrum measurement adopts Olympus reflectometer and U4100 spectrophotometer.

14. Each circle of the umbrella stand draws 1PCS for a total of 5 circles.

15. Film strength test (3M tape is used to stick and pull the film 3 times).

16. After the spectrum measurement is OK, it can be sent out.

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