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Pre-treatment of TiN plating on tools for PVD vacuum coating machine

Pre-treatment of TiN plating on tools for PVD vacuum coating machine


Pre-treatment of TiN plating on tools for PVD vacuum coating machine

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The pre-plating treatment of the TiN film on the tool by the vacuum coating process requires decontamination, degreasing, removal of surface loose tissue and burrs, and dehydration. C₂HCl₃ soak for three minutes for degreasing, steam C₂HCl₃ soak and steam bath for three minutes, 50°C alkaline metal cleaner for three minutes ultrasonic cleaning, soak in deionized water at 25°C, rinse with running water And ultrasonic treatment, soak in Freon 113 for three minutes, and use manual spray gun to shoot F113. The pre-plating treatment process needs to be carried out under well-ventilated environmental conditions.

Vacuum coating equipment is widely used, and it can be seen everywhere in our lives. It is an essential technology. However, after the vacuum coating equipment is used for a period of time, dust will be left on the surface and affect the overall effect of the vacuum coating.

So how to deal with the dust of vacuum coating?

1. The source materials used in the equipment must meet the necessary purity requirements.

2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment after taking out the equipment samples.

3. After a period of vacuum coating, the inner wall of the vacuum chamber must be cleaned.

4. Vacuum coating cleaning substrate materials must be strictly in line with the process requirements.

5. Vacuum coating appropriately increases the humidity of the environment, which is beneficial to reduce the suspended solid particles in the surrounding environment.

6. The staff need to wear gloves, foot covers, etc., and special clothing during operation.

Because dust will have a relatively large impact on the coating effect, in order to avoid leaving dust in the vacuum coating equipment, you should pay attention to the above points during use to avoid it as much as possible. In addition, pay attention to frequent cleaning to avoid accumulation of dust .

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