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by:ZHENHUA     2020-08-31
This unique range of Panasonic NA F80G6 washing machine has 10 elegantly designed models named: NA-F80T1, NA-F90H1, NA-F70B1, NA-F70T1 and more. Panasonic washing machine is sported with zero standby power consumption which minimizes the total consumption of electricity up to 40% and trim down your bill amount. This is the washing machine of 3rd generation that fully loaded with advanced Panasonic NA F80G6 technology and AG Crystal Shower in order to provide you odor free, stain and dust free and hygienic clothing. The all new and innovative Panasonic NA F80G6 has a powerful pulsator having vibrant Spin and Scrub harmony with Triple Motion water flow to improve the competency of washing machine by 20%. This pulsator rotates with great physical exertion and triple motion water flow protects your fabric from damage that ultimately results in stain & dirt free hygienic laundry. The interior is enough spacious to handle the heavy loads and occupied with Twin Scrub Wash Board surface which makes squashing procedure more efficient and effective during constant spinning/rotation of the pulsator. Twin lint filter installation reduces the growth of bacteria and fungus up to 20% though it's Anti bacterial coating mechanism. It's most noticeable AG Crystal Shower gives get rid from obnoxious and unbearable smelly clothes and from the growth of black mold in the washing tub. It has built-in AG Ion generator which produces AG Ions in higher concentration that get mixed with flowing water and go through every thread of the fabric till last rinsing to destroy all odor causing particles and bacteria. Tub Hygienic course has been equipped with the intention to remove the moisture from the washing tub by means of hygienic mechanism and active fan dry functioning. All these features give rise to brilliant piece in the form of Panasonic NA F80G6 price Washing machine. This magical and exceptional gadget is available across the country on all authorized Panasonic dealers with happy menu price ranging in between RM999 to RM1, 999. To know more about the discounts and offers, you can log on India's leading product comparison
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