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Our large-scale multi arc PVD sputtering coating machine

Our large-scale multi arc PVD sputtering coating machine


Our large-scale multi arc PVD sputtering coating machine

ZCT2245 large-scale multi arc PVD sputtering coating machine, the structure of the top open cover type, with 2 sets of workpiece clamping frame for easy loading and unloading products. The machine is equipped with 48 sets of multi arc titanium targets. The high-quality vacuum pumping system is used in combination with the cryogenic(poly cold) system, so the coating cycle of the PVD coating machine is short and the production efficiency is very high. The inner chamber of the machine has a diameter of 2200mm and a height of 4500mm. It has a very large capacity and is suitable for large-scale stainless steel furniture decorative parts, such as chair foot, table foot, screen, support frame, display rack, stainless steel door, etc. Our customers have been using the machine for more than 2 years, and the operation of the machine is very stable. The single cyclee time is about 20 minutes, and the coating uniformity is good. It can coat titanium gold, rose gold, gun black, cooper/bronze color and other effects, which has brought benefits to customers.

vacuum coating machine

The large optical coating machine is the ideal equipment for the industrial production of anti-fingerprint (AF) and anti-reflection coating (AR), and the typical application is the AF film for mobile phone cover

Large-scale optical vacuum coating machine is applied to anti-fingerprint glass and metal anti-fingerprint of touch panel. In addition to anti-fingerprint application, it can also be applied to anti-rust, anti-fouling, and nano-coating protection.

Anti-fouling film (AS), also known as waterproof film or anti-fingerprint (AF film), mainly deposits organic fluoride materials onto the substrate by vacuum coating technology to make the surface of the substrate waterproof, oil-proof, fingerprint-proof, Anti-pollution and other functions.

Mainly used in AF film of mobile phone cover, high-end mobile phone case.

Mobile phone cover plate of large optical coating machine

The multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine is a vertical circular vacuum coating equipment, which is composed of a vacuum chamber, a multi-arc ion system, a workpiece turret, a rack, an exhaust system, a heating system, a cooling system, an electrical control system and other parts.

The equipment is mainly used for vacuum plating various metal decorative films on the surface of large stainless steel metal parts.

The equipment uses PLC and touch screen, and the control operation is simple and easy to learn.

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