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Optical vacuum coating machine's optical technology

Optical vacuum coating machine's optical technology


Optical vacuum coating machine's optical technology

The main technological process of optical vacuum coating technology includes film system design, coating, testing, etc. there are many conditions that affect the coating performance. Different film system design and technological conditions have different effects on the structure and characteristics of the film, among which temperature, deposition rate and vacuum are the three major factors.

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2018-2025 Global and China PVD Coating Machine Industry Development Status Investigation and Market Prospect Forecast Report

PVD stands for physical vapor deposition, which is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used internationally. Its working principle is to use gas discharge to separate the gas or the evaporated substance under vacuum conditions, and deposit the evaporated substance or its reactants on the substrate while the gas ions or the evaporated substance ions bombard. It has the characteristics of fast deposition speed and clean surface, especially has the advantages of strong film adhesion, good winding properties, and a wide range of materials that can be plated.

PVD coating machines are mainly used in the electronics industry, semiconductor industry, optics and glass industries, and solar thin film industries. In recent years, the demand for PVD coating machines in downstream industries has remained fairly stable. The global PVD coating machine market has grown from US$2.062 billion in 2014 to US$2.477 billion in 2018, with an average annual compound growth rate of 4.68%.

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