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Optical Coating Machine and Optical Coating

Optical Coating Machine and Optical Coating


Optical Coating Machine and Optical Coating

In the process of optical coating, it is often necessary to measure the partial pressure and analyze gas, which requires the mass spectrometer. In 1950, Mr.Tretner (Tretner) invented the line vibration mass spectrometer, as a pure electric field mass spectrometer, the probe size is small, which can be used in the rapid change process of pressure detection; in 1962, Tretner Analyze the line-vibration mass spectrometer from the point of view corresponding to the optical system, and deduce the resolving power expression of the line-vibration mass spectrometer; in 1964, Teubner (Tuoibner) proposed another working method of the device, even if The amplitude period of the potential well is changed, so that the frequency of the modulation voltage is fixed to ensure that the amplified signal is selected.

vacuum coating machine

Vacuum coating machine mainly refers to a type of coating that needs to be carried out under a higher vacuum, including vacuum ion evaporation coating machine, magnetron sputtering coating machine, MBE molecular beam epitaxial coating machine and PLD laser sputtering deposition coating machine, etc. It is mainly divided into evaporation and sputtering. In the vacuum coating equipment, what needs to be coated is referred to as the substrate, and the plated material is used as the target. The substrate and the target are in the same vacuum chamber. Evaporation coating is generally to heat the target material to evaporate the surface components in the form of radicals or ions, and settle on the surface of the substrate, forming a thin film through the film forming process. Vacuum coating machine for sputtering coating can be simply understood as using electrons or high-energy lasers to bombard the target material, and the surface components are sputtered out in the form of radicals or ions, and finally deposited on the surface of the substrate, undergoing the film forming process. Finally, a thin film is formed. The furnace body can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel or a combination of double

Layer water cooling structure.

       Choose different specifications and types of coating equipment according to the process requirements. The types include resistance evaporation vacuum coating equipment, electron beam evaporation vacuum coating equipment, magnetron sputtering vacuum coating equipment, ion plating vacuum coating equipment, magnetron reactive sputtering vacuum coating equipment, Hollow cathode ion plating and multi-arc ion plating, etc. The operating modes of the fixture include rotation, revolution and revolution + rotation. The user can put forward corresponding requirements according to the size and shape of the piece. The speed range and accuracy of rotation: ordinary adjustable and frequency conversion speed control.

       What is the scope of application of different types of coating machines? Magnetron sputtering coating equipment: used in the field of information storage, such as magnetic information storage, magneto-optical information storage, etc. Magnetron sputtering coating machine: used in protective coatings, such as blades of aircraft engines, automobile steel plates, heat sinks, etc. Magnetron sputtering Al coating production line: used in solar energy utilization fields, such as solar collector tubes, solar cells, etc. Optical coating equipment: used in the field of optical film, such as anti-reflection film, high-reflection film, cut-off filter, anti-counterfeiting film, etc.

      AZO transparent conductive film magnetron sputtering coating production line: used in the field of information display, such as LCD screens, plasma screens, etc. Touch screen continuous coating production line: used in the touch screen field, such as mobile phones, computers, MP4 and other digital product screens. Magnetron intermediate frequency multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine: used in hard coatings, such as cutting tools, molds and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts. PECVD magnetron production line: used in integrated circuit manufacturing, such as thin film resistors, thin film capacitors, thin film temperature sensors, etc. Evaporative vacuum coating equipment: used for coating on decorative accessories, such as mobile phone cases, watch cases, spectacle frames, hardware, and small accessories. Low-E glass coating production line: used in architectural glass, such as solar control film, low-e glass, anti-fog and anti-dew and self-cleaning glass. Anti-reflection conductive film continuous magnetron sputtering production line: used in the field of electronic products, such as liquid crystal displays, LCD TVs, MP4, car displays, mobile phone displays, digital cameras, and handheld computers.

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