One of the most important pieces of police equipment

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-18
The best selling handcuffs in the U.S. are Smith & Wesson's Model 100 which comes in both Nickel and Black finish also called Blue finish. Putting handcuffs through the chemical process to blue them eliminates glare and also hides scratches. This process is the same process that makes guns black.The Smith and Wesson Model 100 is used by state, local and federal departments and agencies and throughout the world by the law enforcement community and is approved by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ approved). It comes with 2 keys, features 22 locking positions, weighs only 10 oz., comes with instructions and also has a lifetime warranty. Other models in the Smith & Wesson line include hinged options Model 300, push pin Model 100P, Colored weathershield options and higher security options. Price ranges for Smith & Wesson handcuffs start at around $20 and for the higher security options sell for well over $120. Another top selling brand of police handcuffs is Peerless. Manufactured out of Springfield, MA they have been producing handcuffs since 1914. Their Model 700 is a widely used option utilized by local, state, and federal departments and agencies. The Model 700 also is available in nickel and black oxide finish. Also available is their Model 750 which comes in several colors. The color finish helps to prevent equipment loss by allowing individuals, agencies or departments to more easilty identify and track property. The coating is applied using a process of Electrolytic Polyurethane Plating (EPP). EPP fully coats restraints inside and out without interfering with the lock mechanism or jaw swing-through. ASP is another innovative manufacturer of police handcuffs and were the originators of color coated options for handcuffs and also offer a very light weight aluminum handcuffs model A56103 which weigh just 7 oz. Based out of California, ASP also has a full line of police equipment and is also a large manufacturer of police expandable batons. In addition to the equipment, they also offer a full line of holders for all of the equipment they offer. Their handcuff line has increasing become a big part of their business due to the constant demand of the law enforcement community and the trust that ASP has built from its products. There are many stocking handcuff dealers nationwide of each of the aforementioned police handcuffs brands. Some of them include Police Equipment Depot based out of New Jersey, Galls based out of Kentucky and Quartermaster based out of California. Each of these companies has stock, offers affordable pricing, quick shipping as well as extensive product information or advice on specific restraint needs.
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