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On the uniformity of vacuum coating machine

On the uniformity of vacuum coating machine


On the uniformity of vacuum coating machine

Although the vacuum coating machine is a nano level machine, which is very precise, it can only control the film thickness at a single point in the vacuum chamber regardless of the precision of the monitor in the machine. In generally,it is the middle position of the work-piece holder. If the film thickness in the center of the vacuum coating machine is not uniform, the substrate far away from the center can not get uniform thickness. Although the shield can eliminate the long-term non-uniformity, some film thickness changes are caused by the instability of the evaporation source or the different performance of the coating material, so it is almost impossible to eliminate this problem, but the proper selection of the structure of the vacuum chamber and the evaporation source can minimize these effects. In other words, it is very important to choose a high-quality vacuum coating machine, which can reduce unnecessary troubles.

vacuum coating machine

In the past few years, more and more users require coating equipment manufacturers to provide high-performance, small specification, simple optical coating system. At the same time, the user's requirements for the equipment performance are also improved, especially in the aspects of coating density and minimizing the spectral change after water absorption. The vacuum coating machine designed and manufactured by Zhenhua Vacuum can effectively achieve the above effects.

Therefore, the following key factors should be considered when selecting modern optical coating equipment: The expected performance of the coated product, the size and physical characteristics of the substrate, and all the technical factors required to ensure the process consistency (coating repeatability).

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